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We are a local company with 70 years of experience, and we can handle even the smallest projects.

Our Tenzan Company, a community-based construction company, is located in Okusawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.  We carry out a variety of work related to new construction and renovation mainly in Setagaya, Shinagawa, Meguro and Ota Ku. In addition to wood construction, we can also handle Replacement and Repair of Housing Equipment, Electric Work, Gas Work and Water-supply Work as well as Exterior and Gardening work. We also deal with expats who live in Japan.
Company Name 株式会社 天山工務店 (Tenzan Construction Co, LTD.)
Permission 東京都知事許可 (般3) 第61872号
Address 1-52-1 Okusawa,
Setagaya-ku, Tokyo-to 158-0083, Japan
Bussiness hour:8:00~18:00 Holiday:Sunday, Public Holiday
President 田中 啓太 (KEITA TANAKA)
Capital stock 10,000,000円
Website URL https://www.tenzan.net/
E-mail info@www.tenzan.net
Number of employees 24名

Greetings from the President

I was appointed as the representative director in 2008. I will continue the will of my predecessor and further enhance the services we can provide to you.

Even though construction materials and methods may change, our passion for building houses will never change.
Our goal is to create a building that can adapt to changes in the community and lifestyle, and that can circulate, so that we can build a highly durable home and remodel it when the time comes. We do not do construction based on price alone.

We cannot afford to cut back on the number of people and building materials needed to carry out responsible and high quality construction. We will work together to ensure that the people who live in and invite to homes have a comfortable life. We have a lot of experience in doing various kinds of work related to houses.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, even if it is a small matter, or if you want to repair somewhere, but you don’t have any idea where to ask for.

Director Keita Tanaka

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